Опубликовано: 19/12/2020
[GUIDE] How to run CYBERPUNK 2077 on directx 11.

Wake up, Samurai!
You are now have a trouble to run CD-Projekt RED CyberPunk 2077 on you potato low pc?
Ok. You have directx 11 videocard, for example nvidia GT440 or gtx 560Ti higher/lower.
Ok you have a chance… Just breathe and be positive.
From 2015 year some leaked files is distrubed by here, unfortunatly there is splitted zip archive with release version of eary library subsystem of game.
CyberPunk 2077 is possible to run – just belive and pray.
Ok. Here is archives links, just get it, unpack to game directory(First check you game folder – there is never any files downloaded here), try to launch game.

*Warning: originaly this is not working method and never to try this. In you game folder is no one of files from this archive!

Неси ещё одну.

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